Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dealing with Eye Strain, Blue Blockers, and Glare

Hello blogging community!

It's been way too long since my last post, with many, many changes since.  In a nutshell, I'm now a very happy single mother, continuing to raise a Paleo daughter, but instead of in the island community of the Florida Keys, we're now enjoying life in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  It is just gorgeous out here!  We are loving our new home.

This morning, we were having a discussion on The Paleo Approach Community's Facebook page about dealing with eye strain; specifically from the blue light emitted from our beloved electronic devices and computers.  During my blogging hiatus, I was engrossed in another of my favorite pastimes; computer gaming.  Talk about eye strain.  LOL!  At that point, I had been Paleo for three years, taking plenty of extra Omega-3 to minimize inflammation and help with eye health, using the most moisturizing contact lens solution money could buy, and had cartons of preservative-free eye drops at home and at work.  Nothing was helping my tired, dried-out eyes.  That is, until I was talking to a fellow gaming friend and he told me about a free program called F.lux.

F.lux is pretty awesome.  And did I mention it's free?  It automatically determines your geographical location, in relation to sunrise and sunset, and uses preset timers and settings to comfortably dim and warm the colors of your screen.  No fuss, no muss.  I now install that on every computer I own, and work computers as well.  Click here to go to the F.lux site to download for your PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad.  For those of us who love our Android phones, another poster suggested the Twilight app.  I'm going to give that a whirl and see how that goes.

For me, personally, I found I had to go a step further.  I finally figured out it was the harsh overhead lights in my office that were making my eyes so tired.  Wearing a pair of non-prescription, amber-tinted, anti-glare computer glasses solved that problem.  Fortunately, these are really easy to find, and even better, for us ladies, there are specific styles now available to suit our fashion-coordinated needs ;)

I started out with a very expensive, $100 pair of Gunnar glasses.  I love the look of these, but truly, they work just as well as my cheaper, backup pair of Gamma Rays, that only cost $25.

Gamma Ray
Once I started using computer glasses in combination with F.lux, the eye strain went away immediately.  No more drops needed, either.

Hope this helps others in similar situations :)


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