Tuesday, October 4, 2011

100 Days of Paleo: Our Cave-Family's Update


What a perfect time to check in, and report our family's progress.  We're now on Day #100 of eating Paleo; life without grains and the plethora of processed junk, advertisers and manufacturers continually try to convince us is food.

Just to recap, our family has grown, since we started following the Paleo way of eating.  In addition to Cave Mom (that's me), Cave Dad, and Cave Girl, we added an extra saber-tooth kitty (read: shelter cat), for a total of three, in addition to our two wolves (read: rescued dogs). Our newest cat came to us as a huge chunky monkey (twenty-two and a half pounds of cat; more than our other two cats put together), and I'm happy to report that he's slimming down well, while enjoying plenty of organic beef liver and grain-free food.  I'm glad we got to him and were able to provide him with a healthy home, before any onset of diabetes, or other weight-related illnesses.

So how is our human family faring?  Even with much resistance from Cave Hubby, we've made it!   We're healthier, much fitter, and nobody has gone screaming out the door, in search of chocolate cake.  I, myself, battled with post-baby weight for what seemed like forever, and have now finally lost those inches.  I treated myself to a new wardrobe, just after my first month of Paleo, and even those clothes are now hanging loose.  My skin is clearer, I'm sleeping better, no more late-day digestive issues, and the midday afternoon slumps are gone, too.  Did I mention my pants are loose?  Woohoo!!  No beating myself up at the gym, or exhaustive cardio: it's amazing what cutting out grains can do for you.

As I've blogged about before, Paleo dinners are especially easy to prepare, making meal-planning and prep work much easier for this full-time working Cave Mom.  Many others are joining the ranks of Paleo eating, and there are numerous blogs, Facebook groups, and even more recently-released cookbooks, too, with an endless array of tasty and easy recipes.  We may have cut out grains, but we certainly don't leave the dinner table still hungry.  Even our six-year-old has adapted, and gets to enjoy whipping up a batch of grain-free muffins with mom, from time to time.  Paleo is certainly family-friendly, and can be integrated into even the busiest schedules.  We're definitely not going back to our former bad eating habits.

Just last night, I got caught up on the "I, Caveman" Curiosity series on Discovery Channel.  Lo and behold, my favorite Paleo author, Robb Wolf, was one of the ten participants in this "Survivor-esque" series, about going back to our caveman roots.  There is an ever-growing interest in our human origins, and of course, my mom friends and I are always talking about diet.  A few want to make the leap to going Paleo, but they're not quite sure.  Things are definitely going to change, when switching to primal eating, and there are some key things to remember:
  1. We, as a society, have been effectively brain-washed.  Everything you learned in school, from pyramids, nutritionists, and the health industry, about grains being healthy and necessary is WRONG. 
  2. Big Pharma, Big Agri, and especially the politicians, are all in it together.  They don't want us to break out of this highly-profitable, vicious cycle: the more cheap, grain-based, nutrient-poor junk they trick us into consuming, the unhealthier we become, and the more we rely on drugs to get through life.  You'll never see a fortified stem of broccoli.  Why is it then that we're constantly bombarded with messages to eat artificially-fortified grain products?  Nutritionally, grains can't hold a candle to the meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts we were born to eat.
  3. Weight gain, allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic aches and pains, and taking daily medication to deal with those things IS NOT the norm.  Our bodies are like machines; operating best on the proper type of fuel.  If we continue to fuel ourselves with the wrong foods, we're bound to start breaking down.
  4. You will not starve.  I'm a 5'2" Asian, my husband is 6' and All-American, our growing daughter continues to be one of the tallest and brightest in her classes, our dogs and cats are healthy and content, and none of us are wasting away.  It doesn't matter how big or small you are, how young or old, or your species: eat what nature intended you to eat.
  5. This is the one diet that makes sense, it truly works, and you'll stick with it.  Give it a full 30 days.  At the end of it all, your grocery store manager will be waiting, with open arms, to lead you back to the cereal and bread aisles, any time you want.  Once you have that first cheat meal, your body will definitely tell you what's right and wrong for you.
Here's hoping more of you will give Paleo a short 30-days of your time, and with any luck, a lifetime after that.  You'll be healthier for it.  I know we are ;)

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  1. I'm not a paleo eater (not because I don't believe it's a good idea--I'm just...not there). But I wanted to drop you a note to tell you I enjoyed your post. You write really well. Very persuasive!