Saturday, April 16, 2011

Adopt A Rescue: Meet Our Newest Furry Child

It's been an exciting last couple of weeks in the Green Organic household.  Please say hello (or woof-woof) to our newest fur baby, the hair ball above with the eyes, nose, and tongue.  Under all that fluff is such a sweet, happy boy, who up until recently, was a parasite-infested stray.  He came to us through the same rescue group where we adopted the shy Schnauzer mix, peeking into the frame above.  They are such a great match, and it didn't take long for them to become BFF's. That now makes four furry children in this household, including two adult shelter cats.  There's a lot of furry love under this roof.

Shelter and rescue animals are sadly too numerous.  If you and your family are looking to provide a forever home for an animal, please do consider adopting.  Not every one of these animals comes from a harmful or neglectful situation. Like our Schnauzer mix and one of our shelter cats, many come from loving homes, but had to leave, due to changes in living arrangements, job loss, passing of an owner, etc.  The rescue group where our dogs came from, does a great job, trying to get a good sense of a particular animal's behaviors and personality, to try to match up with a fitting forever home.  As long as you have a good understanding of your own family's dynamics, and your expectations, that will better the chances for a good fit, when the right animal comes along.

On that same note, I highly recommend everyone to read Cesar Millan's books, and watch at least some of the Dog Whisperer episodes.  We humans have forgotten that while dog is man's best friend, he's still, by nature, a dog.  After reading Cesar Millan's books, I firmly believe that if this was required reading material, prior to bringing a dog into a household, we wouldn't see quite so many unwanted animals out there. Understanding breeds, training, and care is just the tip of the iceberg.  Millan teaches that it's more important to know yourself.

We feel very fortunate to be able to provide a loving home for at least some of these needy animals, and in turn, they give us unconditional love back.  Caring for animals is also a great teaching tool in our household.  Early on, my daughter learned how to approach them, and use a gentle touch.  She's learned that animals are a lot like us; they eat, they sleep, they play, they, uh ... go potty. ;)  She knows they have feelings, too, and she's learned how to respect them.  She's watched how they communicate, with each other, and with us.  She knows they are her friends and her family.  When she's older, we'll be sharing some more pet care duties with her as well; adding to her sense of responsibility.  There's a lot to be learned from our furry friends.

For those looking for a new pet, please do consider your local rescue groups and shelters.  Here's to more happy tails and forever homes :)

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