Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Have a Green Christmas: Recycle Used/Broken Christmas Lights at The Home Depot and Save $3 Off New LEDs!

Happy Veterans' Day everyone!   We'll always remember those who made sacrifices for us.

We're enjoying a family day together, and soon we'll be heading off to The Home Depot.  While it doesn't snow in the Florida Keys, we still love to decorate for the holidays.  Nevertheless, no matter where you live, there's always the problem with broken strings of lights.  We have a couple sets that have just completely given out.  This year, The Home Depot this year is offering a special recycling program for used and broken strings of Christmas lights!  Until November 15th, they're also offering a $3 off coupon when you recycle your old lights, and purchase a new set of eco-friendly, low-power, long-lasting LED Christmas lights!   Perfect timing, as our old lights have reached the end of their useful life.

We're big fans of LED lighting in this house, as they are super-bright, they stay cool, and use so little power.  Hubby is a wedding DJ, and has proudly phased out all of his old conventional stage and show lighting, and incorporated all the latest and greatest in DJ LED technology.  He puts on a fabulous show, and never has to worry about tripping circuit breakers at the hotels and parties he attends, as the whole rig uses so little power.   He also doesn't have to sit around after a gig, waiting for his light rig to cool anymore.  LEDs stay cool, from their low power consumption, so hubby can just pack up and go.  We use LED flashlights for emergencies, and we'd love to eventually phase out our CFL bulbs, which are already more energy-efficient, for LED bulbs, in our light fixtures around the home.  We're very happy that we'll be able to incorporate some more energy-efficient lighting this holiday season, and that our old lights are going to be recycled and disposed of in a responsible way.

So, hurry and dig out those old lights before this coming Sunday, November 15th, and enjoy a Green Christmas ;)

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  1. I'm back from The Home Depot, with our awesome new lights!! They had an amazing assortment -- all different sizes, white, clear, multi-colored, domes, spheres, flames, strings, nets... endless choices! Thankfully there was a display board set up, with samples already lit up, to help narrow down what would suit us best.

    We were trading in broken strings of mini multicolored flashing incandescents, so I was hoping for something comparable. Sure enough, the Home Depot's own house brand, "Home Accents", had strings of 60 multicolored domes, hooked up to a controller with 16 different flash programs.

    We were given $3 off each of two sets, with our trade-in of old lights, and Green Organic Girl is having a blast, pushing the buttons and watching the light patterns change on our new LED strings. These are amazingly bright, and even come with a three-year warranty (although, I'm quite sure we'll get more life out of these than that -- the bulbs are rated up to 25,000 hours).

    I was very happy to see that a giant box meant to hold all the trade-in lights for recycling was about half full. I'm glad other people in my town are taking advantage of this responsible recycling program, for safely disposing their old lights, and taking advantage of this special deal for eco-friendly LEDs for their holiday decorating :)