Thursday, October 8, 2009

Product Review: Newman's Own Organics Adult Cat Formula Premium Cat Food

Meet Angel and Bella; the fur babies of the Green Organic Family.  Our adopted babies came to us when they were fully grown, and had been surrendered to the local SPCA, and another non-profit rescue group.  They are very much loved additions to our family, and also enjoy organic food.

Bella is probably the pickiest dog I have ever met (she won't even eat dog treats... not even Greenie bones! Now that is picky!).  What she does like, however, is cat food.  LOL!  Our vet said not to worry, as lots of dogs prefer cat food, over dog food.  So both of them had been sharing the same brand of all-natural Wellness Indoor Formula dry cat food.

We firmly believe that staying healthy starts with eating right, and that philosophy extends to our beloved pets. When it comes to choosing pet food, we adamantly refuse to feed our natural-born carnivores cheap grocery-store-brands, as they're packed with fillers, like wheat and corn meal.  When was the last time you watched a documentary of wolves, descending upon a field of corn?  Just like their wild cousins, cats and dogs need good sources of protein.  No feathers, beaks, or feet either, please (aka "chicken by-product meal").  If your 5-pound bag of pet food costs the same as one pound of your favorite cut of steak, consider the quantity and quality of protein you're actually getting in that bag of dry food.  That's why we've been going out of our way to shop at our local pet store.  That is, until very recently...

About a week ago, our local pet store (which normally charges higher prices anyway, due to our remote island location and their lack of competition) hiked the price of our Wellness cat food 31%  Yes, you read that right.  THIRTY-ONE PERCENT.  We try to do our part by supporting the local businesses of our island community; even if that meant paying a little more.  But 31%?  That is robbery!!  While one of the owners was running my purchase through, I very politely inquired about this price increase.  Instead, I was met with the biggest, coldest brush-off.  So they think they can monopolize the local market, raise their prices even more, be rude about it, and expect repeat patronage?  Not from this former customer.  We're taking our business elsewhere.

As we are island dwellers, "elsewhere" meant "online".  If you haven't tried shopping online for dry pet food, the shipping costs alone make it almost not worth it.  However, my friends and family know that I am an addict.  We buy everything from books to toys, to coffee and organic lip balm.'s range of products is phenomenal, the prices are competitive, and there's no tax, and free shipping for purchases over $25 (and no, I was not paid to say any of this... LOL!).  Amazon has been expanding their all-natural and organic offerings, including many of the products from the very popular Newman's Own brand.  For breakfast every day, Angel gets a can of cat food, as I've read that older cats need that little bit of extra moisture in their diets to stay healthy.  Our local pet store didn't carry any organic canned cat food at all, so Angel has been enjoying the Newman's Own Organics Chicken and Salmon variety of canned cat food, which we have on automatic reorder, with free shipping to our door, under Amazon's Subscribe and Save program.  Since he loves the canned food so much, I figured to try out Newman's dry cat food, as an alternative to Wellness (as Amazon doesn't stock that particular brand).

Our shipment from Amazon arrived today.  I guess Angel could already smell it through the plastic bag, as he watched me with such intensity as I cut the top open.  Once I had the top off, I held the open bag to his nose for another sniff.  Angel's eyes just lit up.  LOL!

"Meow...  meow...  meow!"

Translation: "Okay, pour the food in the bowl already, lady!"

The Newman's dry food is a hit!  And unlike Wellness, Newman's Own is certified organic.  There are no artificial colors or flavors, no "4D" chicken meat (dead, dying, disabled, diseased -- otherwise, not fit for human consumption), and Newman's Own is famous for donating after-tax profits to charity, including animal-related ones from the sales of its pet products.  We're very happy to have found this healthy, organic, much-loved alternative for our furry family members :o-)

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