Saturday, October 3, 2009

Product Review: The Complete Tales of Winnie The Pooh 2010 Eco-Friendly Calendar

It was "TGIF" yesterday, and my boss graciously made the decision early in the day to let us off an hour early, with pay!  WOOHOO!!

I picked up Green Organic Girl from preschool, and we headed over to our favorite bookstore.  We had a fun time browsing all of the new Halloween books, including one with a cartoon witch who gets scared by a ghost, and the book lets out an audible scream!!  "AHH!" ... "AHH!" ... "AHH!" ... Okay honey, that's enough... let's put the book away before people start staring.  LOL!

The new calendars for 2010 were also in, and we had a little peek at what was in stock.  That's when I came across this lovely calendar, featuring classic images of Winnie the Pooh and Friends!  Now I've already told you how much we love Pooh Bear, and we're still talking about the great time we had last month during our trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando :)

Being a busy family that relies heavily on a central kitchen wall calendar, to coordinate all of our activities and to help us remember important dates, large grids and plenty of room to write are a must for us.  I've also enjoyed the newer "mom" and "family" themed wall calendars that have popped up in recent years, featuring tons of stickers to highlight important dates and events (doctor's appointments, special school days, when to check your smoke alarm, etc).

I was in for a treat when I picked out this one: "The Complete Tales of Winnie-The-Pooh" 16-month 2010 calendar, from GraphiqueDeFrance.  It certainly fits the bill with large grids, and comes with 120 adorable stickers, featuring Pooh Bear and his friends.  The stickers don't have quite the variety of some of the more popular family calendars, but the basics are there (birthdays, school breaks, and even 'Me Time').

As an added bonus, this is an ECO-FRIENDLY calendar!!  It's FSC-certified, sourcing the paper from well-managed forests and recycled wood pulp and fiber, as well as being printed with non-polluting soy inks!  (BTW, my old boss from the bank explained why soy inks are so much safer.  She worked at a printing company for many years, a long time ago, and she said conventional inks create mercury as a by-product in the printing process.  Her printing company had to call in to a hazardous waste handling company, in order to have that mercury "safely" disposed of.)

We're very happy with our 2010 calendar purchase, and feel very good about having chosen an adorable, family-friendly, and eco-friendly option :)

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  1. How cool is that you can get an eco-friendly Calendar now! It looks really cute. I love the old Winnie the Pooh stuff!

  2. Oh that's awesome that it's eco-friendly! We love Pooh - my daughter's nursery is in classic Pooh. Looks like we'll add this to her collection! Thanks for the info!

  3. What a great site you have. I feel like this year just started.

  4. I love that the calendar is eco friendly!

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  5. So excited to find your blog!

  6. I love Pooh.I am in classic Pooh. Looks like we'll add this to her collection!