Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Less Texting, More Driving - Pledge to "Keep Your Mind On The Wheel"

Recently, I blogged about my book review of "The Blackberry Diaries" by Kathy Buckworth; a year-long account via blog of one completely distracted, disengaged, and out-of-touch mother of four, and her escape from daily life via a Blackberry. 

When the author started talking about wanting a larger screen in her car, on her dashboard, so she could keep up with her Blackberry while driving, that was the final straw.  This book took a trip out the door to the recycle bin.

I'm a techie at heart, and an Internet addict, but even I know when it's time to "unplug".  Having information at our fingertips "24/7" does not mean that we can jeopardize the safety of others! 

How many distracted drivers do you pass on your drives around town, to school, to work, to the store?  You know the tell-tale signs: the slowing down for no reason, the veering into other lanes, the car at the intersection, waiting for a specific shade of green before moving forward.

We all need to take the "Keep Your Mind On The Wheel" pledge, to ensure the safety of each other.  We're all "somebody"; a mom, a dad, a brother, a sister, a son, a daughter, a grandparent, a friend.  Nobody deserves to be hurt (or worse) at the hands of a distracted driver.

Please do your part and click on the badge.  You can read all about the statistics of distracted driving, and then pledge your support by leaving a comment, and displaying your own badge to help spread the word.

*** UPDATE ***

October 8, 2009

Thank you to Cooper, co-founder of and "Moms on Board" for inviting me to join their team of ambassadors, spreading the word about keeping your mind on the road!  Let's all make a difference, together!

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  1. As if the wonderful ladies behind "Mom Sends the Msg" weren't doing enough good to spread the word about safer driving, they are now holding a contest!! Click here for the details, on how you can help spread the word, and enter to win one of THREE DELL Mini Laptops! How cool is this? Hurry and enter by November 16th!! :)

    Great job, to all those who pledged!! :)