Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Friend in Need

One of my dearest friends, Rachelle, was just informed that her husband is being laid off.  She is the owner of the amazing Mommy? I'm Hungry! blog.  Rachelle is a mommy to three awesome kids, and has been a wonderful, supportive friend for the past five years.  She's been an amazing mentor, helping me with my early transition into the blogosphere (which, incidentally, happened while I was in between jobs -- it's not an easy thing trying to find a job in this economy).

With her husband being laid off, Rachelle is being forced to give back several company-owned items, like the laptop that she's been using for the past several months, to update her blog.  Her own personal computer just refuses to let anyone figure out what's causing its problems, and is unusable.  Rachelle has poured countless hours into her blog, amassing over 300 Google Friend Connect followers, and over 900 Twitter followers.  We love her blog, and the tons and tons of recipes, and personal touch that she puts into her reviews.  We can't let this wonderful blogger (and friend) disappear.

I'd like to reach out to all of you, and please ask for your help.  If anyone has a functioning laptop they would be willing to donate to Rachelle, please contact me.  

Also, if there's anyone in the San Diego area who would love to have this amazing chef/baker create mouthwatering delights for you, please let me know, and I will get you in touch with Rachelle!  She is a former professional baker, and check out the drool-worthy food photographs on her blog (which she also snapped herself!).  Her passion for food and photography truly shine through on her blog. 

Thank you everyone!

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  1. I am totally agree with you.I think a friend in need is friend indeed is very beautiful line to describe this.