Sunday, September 6, 2009

Product Warning: SIGG Bottles Contain BPA! (Exchange for Replacement by 10/31/09)

Oh, what a truly frustrating moment.

I was just browsing some other eco-friendly websites, and came across Greenwala, and this post about what were my truly beloved reusable Swiss-made SIGG bottles.  Like many other consumers, attempting to make smarter, greener, healthier choices, by choosing reusable bottles to reduce waste, and avoid leaching chemicals, I was just blown away, as it was recently discovered that the liners of certain SIGG bottles, manufactured prior to August 2008 contain traces of the harmful chemical BPA.  BPA has been tested and found to disrupt the human endocrine system, and has since been banned by several nations from the manufacturing of baby bottles.
If your SIGG bottle has a liner that looks like the one on the right in the image, with the shiny, coppery finish, that is the old liner that contains traces of BPA. Unfortunately, we own several SIGG bottles, including two with these old liners.  I'm very angry that those bottles belong to my four-year-old daughter, and that she's been drinking from them for YEARS.  What a way to violate your consumers' trust, and ruin all the work that went into building and maintaining a successful brand for over 100 years.  Not to mention that SIGG in recent years, has also jumped on the "Made in China" bandwagon.  Not all SIGG products are made in Switzerland anymore. Although, that didn't stop the lying staff over at  They tried to tell me that the BOXES that my SIGG insulated bottle, and flask came in were made in China.  Yes, just the products' packaging were made and specially stamped "Made in China".  I called them to tell them they had an error in their product descriptions on their website, and I had three different staff members at tell me it was the product boxes that were of Chinese origin.  I know you're smart enough that you don't believe a word of what they said, either.  SIGG even admitted that they've shifted some manufacturing to China. If I'm going to pay close to $20 for a bottle, it had better not be made in China (and this is coming from a Chinese girl).  So now, both and SIGG have lost another customer.

Please click here to be taken to the website, to read the letter issued by SIGG's CEO.  Per their website, SIGG is NOT issuing a recall, as they never claimed their bottles were BPA-free.  Instead, they are offering an exchange program.  Click here for details of the exchange program, whereby you have to mail in your SIGG bottles at your own expense, along with a special return form, and PLENTY of patience, all before October 31, 2009.  SIGG will then send out replacement bottles, with a new "improved", "EcoLiner".
Of course, those of us who were SIGG fans loved these bottles for their lovely array of designs.  Don't count on getting a matching replacement.  But at this point, I'm so frustrated, angry, and appalled, that I don't know if I would even use the replacements. 

Please do pass this info along to other SIGG bottle owners!!


As an alternative to SIGG aluminum bottles, please click here to read our review of the food-grade Stainless Steel bottles by KidsKonserve, and other items from their line of Bisphenol-A (BPA)-free and phthalate-free eco-friendly products.

We've also set up a coupon code for 15% off, for orders placed by October 31, 2009, as well as a giveaway prize for one reader.  

We all deserve to be healthy and safe; especially our children.


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  1. That's so frustrating. Thanks for the heads up. By the way, love, love, love the green onions in your header. :)