Friday, April 17, 2009

Product Review: Dandelion Leek Miso, by South River Miso

UPS was just here, with my much-anticipated packages! I can't say enough about South River Miso, and their unique, handcrafted, certified organic, unpasteurized miso paste. South River Miso is made from whole grains, giving it a completely different texture and taste, compared to what you get in the standard cup of soup from a sushi restaurant. You can see and feel and taste the individual ingredients; instead of a mouthful of salt.

This is the first time I've tried their "Dandelion Leek" and "Garlic Red Pepper" varieties. The Garlic Red Pepper will have to wait until I'm ready to make a salad dressing, but it smells amazing!!

I did immediately make myself a cup of Dandelion Leek broth. Oh my goodness... I think I have a new South River favorite. Let me read you what the jar says:

A Three-Year Dark Miso.
This legendary miso is made with wild-crafted plants which we gather from remote woodlands and our farm along the South River. Mineral-rich sea vegetables from the coast of Maine enhance its healing power.

Ingredients: Deep well water, organic soybeans, organic brown rice, sun-dried sea salt, organic dandelion greens, wild leeks, organic nettle greens, organic sea vegetables, and koji culture.

South River Miso is the only unpasteurized, certified organic miso, that is entirely handcrafted in the centuries-old Japanese farmhouse tradition. Central to our process is the long, slow cooking of the beans by wood fire with a massive masonry stove. Our time-honored methods crate the rich flavor and distinctive whole-grain texture common to all miso made before modern food processing. Each teaspoon contains millions of active, probiotic micro-organisms and enzymes which unlock the nutrition and full flavor of all foods.

I've become a huge fan of leeks, after reading Mireille Guiliano's French Women Don't Get Fat. I remember one time when I was fighting a nasty flu, I was out of miso. I ended up making myself some of Mireille's Magical Leek Soup, and felt 10 times better the very next morning. So, you can imagine my joy in finding a leek-infused miso. How often do we find something that is tasty and good for you too?

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