Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Many thanks to Annie's Organic Buying Club!

This post was first written in 2009. Our family's position on this club has since changed, and we have rescinded our membership.  Please see our updated post.

OMG! As if my fridge wasn't packed enough already. Green Organic Girl and I just came back from picking up our very first box of organic produce from Annie's Organic Buying Club , and what a box it was!! We couldn't wait to dive into the raspberries. I had to force myself to spare a few for hubby when he comes home from work.

The asparagus is to die for. I've never smelled asparagus like this before. It's so lush, and green, and firm. This is the freshest asparagus I have ever seen. I'll be roasting those with a little olive oil and salt and pepper shortly. We can't wait to try it!

Also, Note to Self: do not wear a light-colored shirt when eating blood oranges (thank goodness for SHOUT). They are so incredibly juicy, and I find them milder, less tart, and more enjoyable than navel oranges.

Many thanks to Annie, and all the volunteers who work so hard to bring these farm-fresh delights to us.

I'm also experimenting with homemade cotton produce bags. I was inspired by those from Ecobags, but why spend $5 each, plus shipping, when I could make them myself? Green Organic Girl and I took a trip to the craft store yesterday, and for about $8, we got 3.5 yards of unbleached cotton muslin fabric. That's turned out to be plenty enough to make six large bags (equivalent in size to the clear plastic ones in the grocery stores), and six half-size bags as well. The half-size bags are perfect for three or four pieces of fruit, or a bunch of fresh herbs. As the fabric we chose isn't see-through, I wrote on each bag with a washable crayon, to label what's inside. The bags will go in the wash with the tea towels at the end of the week; ready for next Tuesday's produce pickup.

Okay, my stomach says it's time to start cooking! I'll be sure to post a few recipes when we're done.

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