Friday, April 24, 2009

Do something fun together: Homemade Play Dough

It's been a little while since I made a batch of homemade play dough for the little Green Organic Girl. She had fun helping me mix the ingredients this time. It's simple to do, and takes no time at all. Once you have all the dry ingredients mixed together, it's very easy to portion it out, and make several batches of different colors. Here's how we make ours, to achieve four different colors from one batch of ingredients:
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup salt
1/4 cup cream of tartar
2 cups cold water
2 tbsp canola oil
2 drops each, of four different colors of food coloring

In a large mixing bowl, thoroughly blend together the flour, salt, and cream of tartar.

In a cold non-stick sauce pan, add 1/2 cup cold water and 2 drops of food coloring. Swirl to mix. Add 1/2 tbsp canola oil and stir with a wooden spoon. Scoop in 1/2 cup of the dry ingredients, and thoroughly mix, forming a uniform paste. Gently heat on medium-low, stirring the mixture, as it will quickly solidify. As the ball of play dough forms, roll it around the sauce pan, to pick up any batter that might be stuck to the sides of the pan. Knead the dough ball with the back of the wooden spoon, to allow it to cook thoroughly. When the play dough is smooth, remove it from the heat, and allow it to cool before play. Start the next batch with a new, cold pan. Repeat the above instructions for the remaining three batches. Cooled play dough can be stored in a sealed plastic container, in the refrigerator.
This homemade play dough has kept well in the fridge for us for up to a month at a time. I tend to throw it out after a month's use, as to avoid a buildup of germs.

Enjoy! :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe. My daughter and I made some this morning and she absolutely LOVES it!