Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Bissell Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner - For a really GREEN clean!

My new friend, and fellow Green Mom, greenology101, requested that I post my review of the Bissell Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner. It would be my pleasure :)

We've had ours for almost four months, and I absolutely love it. Before buying this, I regularly mopped with a bucket of water with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day All Purpose Cleaneradded. Now, the mop and bucket are semi-retired, reserved only for major spills. The Bissell Steam Mop is now my regular go-to mop for cleaning all of our hard floors (we live in an older home with terrazzo floors).

The Bissell Steam Mop is very lightweight, and requires nothing but clean distilled water. No special cleaners to buy (read: no chemicals). I was very surprised just how well water can clean when it's steaming hot!

Out of the box, it took no time to assemble. I even did it myself, and didn't need hubby's help (yay, me!). The Steam Mop comes with two reusable washable microfiber pads, and they are very easy to fit on the mop head, and tighten and loosen with a drawstring cord. The pads themselves seem very sturdy, and look like they'll hold up for numerous washings. Another green plus! The product itself is also a lovely shade of "green tea" green.

Once the cleaning pad is on, the next step is to fill the water tank. It's not so much a tank, as it is a slim, tapered plastic container. I've always lived in areas of hard water, so I highly recommend buying a $1.49 gallon jug of distilled water from your grocery store. Unscrew the cap, which has a long straw-like tube attached on the inside (it's actually for air; not water). Fill the water tank, screw on the cap, and then invert the tank and insert it on the back of the Steam Mop, into the built-in water filter. Plug the mop in, and within ten seconds, the red light will come on the front of the unit, telling you that you're ready to go!

Much like the Swiffer-type mops out there, there is a handy trigger switch along the hand-hold of the mop. Unlike Swiffers, however, the water comes out of the bottom of the mop head itself; not spraying all in front of the mop. If this is your first time using the mop, or it's been sitting dry for a while, pump the trigger a few times to get the water flowing properly through the heating unit. You'll hear a gurgling kind of noise, which will stop once there is enough water flowing through the system. It will then sound like the steam coming from your iron.

Pull the trigger a few more times to wet the microfiber cleaning pad. You're now ready to mop. I tend to squeeze the trigger and hold it down while pushing the mop head over an unwashed area of the floor. I then let go of the trigger, and push the mop over that same swath again. For really sticky, dirty spots, set the mop head on top of the spot, and hold down the steam trigger for a few seconds. Let go, and mop. Voila! No more dirt! And what else? No slippery wet spots on the floor! There may be a few streaks, but they evaporate fast. No more worries about my daughter or the pets stepping and slipping on wet floors.

I've managed to clean two bedrooms, a bathroom, dining room, living room, kitchen, and hallways on less than a full tank of water, and with one cleaning pad. All in all, it takes less than ten minutes to complete the job. I hang the dirty wet cleaning pads in my laundry room, awaiting wash day. They then get thrown in the washing machine with the bath rugs and floor mats. They air dry quickly, and are then ready for reuse. Super easy, and eco-friendly! If you do find you need extra pads, they are available from Bissell direct, and Amazon. However, I'm not sure if they make matching green pads yet. So far, I've only seen white, from the previous model, but I've read that they are compatible in size.

So far, this steam mop has been an excellent upgrade over our conventional mop and bucket. It cleans very well, it's lightweight and easy and quick to use, only needs water, and I love that I'm not throwing away disposable plastic pads (anyone need a used Swiffer Wet Jet?). My biggest beef however, is that the cord is a bit short. I have to devote one 6-foot extension cord for the sole purpose of being available when I need to mop. Bissell, are you listening? I would have also liked to have seen this product made with recycled materials. Then it could truly be considered as a green product.

All in all, for $79, this mop is a great investment. Just add up how much you spend right now on floor cleaning products, and then compare that to the Bissell. Then factor in that it cleans even better (and greener) . Hope that helps in your decision-making :)

Enjoy! :)

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