Sunday, March 22, 2009

Soft Sour Cream Sandwich Rolls

Many thanks to Rachelle for linking this recipe for Soft Yogurt Sandwich Rolls. We were out of plain yogurt this week, but had plenty of fresh sour cream. That's what we used instead, and the rolls turned out just fantastic.

Here's the little kitchen helper herself:


  1. Hi Faye! It works for me now, yay!

    Hey if you liked those rolls, you've got to try the dinner rolls I've raved all about during the Holidays! Oh yum! (my photos on my site are not showing -for some odd reason) so I'll send you here:

  2. Ooh... will do! I love baking bread now! It's so much fun, especially with the stand mixer doing the dirty work... haha ;)

    Thanks Rachelle!! *hugs*

  3. I must get a stand mixer. I suck at braed. Maybe that would help?

  4. Definitely, Jenn. Like I was telling my cousin, my arm would have fallen off, trying to beat bread dough with the hand mixer. That, or the hand mixer would have started smoking.

    I made Kaylee's favorite Sour Cream Pound Cake this afternoon, and used the stand mixer this time. It was super easy to just let the machine do the creaming, while we leisurely added the rest of the ingredients. Kaylee was able to spoon in the pre-measured flour, while I stood next to her, and cracked eggs. So simple :)

    You need a mixer, Jenn :)