Sunday, March 15, 2009

Coleslaw was a hit!

The coleslaw was a hit! Once all the ingredients came together and had time to mingle, all the flavors were just right :) Kaylee and DH shared three big bowls each!

The recipe was based on this:

Sweet Restaurant Slaw

I made a few changes:

First, instead of a bag of prepared coleslaw mix, I had a whole head of cabbage, a couple handfuls of organic baby cut carrots, and a small onion; all of which went through the food processor to "KFC" slaw sized bits.

Instead of Miracle Whip, I used Hellman's mayo. I also added both white vinegar, and Basil & Oregano rice vinegar.

One missing ingredient which I came across in another online version of KFC slaw was tarragon vinegar. Tarragon seems to be the magic ingredient. I knew I'd find some other use for that dried tarragon in my pantry, other than Bearnaise sauce ;)

So, one head of cabbage, a couple handfuls of carrots, one small onion, all finely chopped, added to a blend of mayo, canola oil, white and rice vinegar, white sugar, salt, and a sprinkle of dried tarragon. And voila!! I had a giant Ziploc container full, and the whole batch cost less than a dollar to make.

Will post a couple more recipes tomorrow :)

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